NONSENSE /Ok, there's a test or exam kindof things on Monday. But, you know what? The worst thing isi am not in the mood to prepare for that. Yes! I think that, I predict that, I feel that, I am not gonna survive in that. But! but but! but! I really wish that I could survive even I don't put much effort on it. Seeeee, this is how human usually think about ,right? They just want something but they don't wanna do what for something.../硬木色喵喵

水手藍頑皮雷彈:Me too!


水手藍頑皮雷彈:不用了 因為沒時間了 只剩103天😂


水手藍頑皮雷彈:今天共考了4hr 的試 不想讀了😂

硬木色喵喵:好吧 那去放鬆放鬆

布蘭登瑪娃:加油加油 我已經跟同學約好考完學測要去LA了


布蘭登瑪娃:錢自己付哈哈哈 歡迎你來

柯普角梟:我還剩36天 哭哭