STUDY TIPS! 抱歉,我又自言自語了/I found myself is too lazy in these past few months, so... ### it'stimetoworkhard! - I figured out some effective study tips that may come in handy~ • set a timer for 45 minutes. no electronic devices during this time. Take a 15 minutes break after this and work again. • read for 10 times. say it out loud for 10 times. write it 5 times and soon... you will remember it • sleep! sleep is the most important things that required in study! without sleep you can't focus! but don't sleep too long if not you will be more sleepy I guess. • write a summary of a chapter or whatever in a page. review it when you are free. • do notes after you study! use  different colors of pens for notes that might give you joy while reading! • watch motivational videos to stay positive and always be motivated all the time!/硬木色喵喵

蒂絲的金絲雀:Try the timing change, when you feel 45  min is too long. 7 min study, and rest 10 min that is whatI did for my finals. Good luck!

硬木色喵喵:😂 you rest longer than you  study 😂 by the way, thank you 😬

蒂絲的金絲雀:這是有數據的,醫學研究人腦最多能100%的專心7分鐘,之後會慢慢衰減。10分鐘的休息其實我是運動,實際作用是完全將腦袋抽離剛剛的專心。個人操作後,好像真有這麼回事。it works for me.  Let me know if you find it useful :)


柯普角梟:thank you for sharing ,actually I am struggling in my study ,so sad to say that , but thank you very much ,I will try my best to work hard .  btw,I want to ask you how about when I  feel no motivation to put myself in order to watch motivation movies?and I think struggling because my exam is coming soon!!!!x😭😭😭😭😭

硬木色喵喵:You are welcome.🤗 You can find some motivational quotes and write it in your books or whatever places that you can see it everyday. For example, you can write the quotes on a paper and stick on the wall. This is what I think of. 😂😂😂

柯普角梟:thank you very much ,

硬木色喵喵:Welcomeeeee 😬😬😬😬 btwi am struggling here because of exam too but when I feel that it's so torture and struggling I will try to think about 先苦後甜是一陣子 先甜後苦是一輩子😂