No.37 is going to be a 廢廢廢廢文/Since everyone is using mandarine, so why don't I just be different than others! Hehe. I swear there's only few of them will read through this but anyway as long as I can crap something here just because of I amreally very bored. Final exam is around the corner but I am not so ready for it. It's just a final test and is not that important I guess? Uh-uh, hope that... I can get a good result even though I don't put much effort on it! Hehe. Goodnight peeps! Thanks for wasting your precioustime for reading this nonsensearticle! 💩/硬木色喵喵

陶坯黃湯姆:Good luck for ur test buddy

硬木色喵喵:Thanks dude !

卡努哈莉:Stop dreaming and go studying!

硬木色喵喵:shuddup and go away