before the 3AM bedtime /Midnight Moonlight gives a shine to the dark sky Brighten up the sleepless night Me over here Suffering from stomachache Dear stomach Why are you being so cruel to me Please stop torturing me I just wanted to jump into my bed I just wanted to bump into my cute little plushes My tiring soul just wanted to take a rest Goodnight world Hope everything is fine tomorrow Sweet dreams guys!/硬木色喵喵

珊瑚紅地鼠:What a cute article.

硬木色喵喵:Wrote by a cute author  Hahahahahaha

卡努哈莉:OMG OMG

硬木色喵喵:O 什麼 M 什麼 G 什麼

卡努哈莉:怎麼有人能這簡簡單單地說出 cute author 這種話 OMG

硬木色喵喵:可愛的人才能寫出可愛的文啊 真的是 大驚小怪


硬木色喵喵:蛤 你不是沒有眼睛嗎 🤔


硬木色喵喵:這是你明智的選擇 😉