It really makes me very annoyed and worried.  In fact, now he really don't have anything about me, we are nothing, but when I see his post, he just went out with a girl? I will think why he say he has a dilemmma between us?  He doesn't want to go out with me.  He is really really strange.  But why I can't let go? Can someone tell me why can't I let go him!!!! I am crazy these days because of him.... Then why you texted me to ask the question that you can ask other? 我好想撞牆。/蒼色畫眉

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桔梗的鹿:There are always things in life that often make us unable to let go, especially those things that are unforgettable, but people should look forward, instead of living in the past, even if things have happened in the past, but they can no longer be reproduced. The only thing you can choose is to make your future self better than the past. This is the only option you can choose to let yourself learn to let go and embrace a better life! Learn to let go and try these six things. I. Growing up from the past Mature people always know that they want to grow and learn from the past. Every experience and experience can learn from them and learn something from them. Don't let the past experience pass away, grow and learn from the past to make yourself better. Second, let yourself release the past things should be relieved, whether it is good or bad, history will not repeat itself, the only thing that can be grasped is to cherish this moment! Life is impermanent, people are always exploring unknown things, and never know what will happen, so cherishing the present is the most important thing. Learn to let yourself be relieved, not to worry about the past. Third, pay attention to what you are doing now, and decide your life. In the past, your choices and things have determined you, and what you do at the moment will determine your future. Life. Try to focus on the present, not the past, and let you learn to let go. Fourth, set goals Set a goal for your life, this can let you know the direction of life, let you know where you are going, how to work hard. Life must have enthusiasm, ideals, and more importantly, know what your life goals are. Setting goals for yourself allows you to focus your attention and focus on the present and the future, not the past. Fifth, pay attention to the future Ask yourself, what do you want? How the future will depend on the present self to create, the past can only learn from it, because it is only at this moment, not the past, that can change the future. Choose to focus on your future, not the past. Sixth, let go of the past Learn to let go of the burden of the past, we will find that life can be happy every day, life must know how to let go, in order to go forward without any scruples. Sometimes people can't lose anything because they are afraid of insecurity. But in fact, if you don't clear it, you can't let it go. You have to move forward, new things will come in, and the process of letting go is actually sorting out your heart. People must learn to live in the present, release their feelings toward the past, and pay attention to the future. The most important thing is to set a life goal for themselves and then learn to let go.